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The rating for this honestly shocks me, because even for 2001 this flash really was not good. The graphics were rather crude, and the animation was somewhat decent, but was offset by the awful voice acting. The music selection was selected and almost redeemed this flash, but the graphics were so bad that it took away from the good that existed.

This is a legendary flash. Hasn't been out a week yet I've already watched it how many times. The animation is amazing, and I love the little oddities, such as their floral designs, not something you'd expect to see. The voice acting was great as well, and just the general idea of having mario snap on poor luigi was just so well thought out. Yes, the voices came from elsewhere, but the animation works so perfectly that it could have fooled me.

Still loving that intro, and thought I'd give this flash a look even though I haven't come across Ocelot before, though looks like his quote makes him a prime target for this series now. It worked out that Qwertyboi was the top user, though this was a little disappointing, but that's partially due to him not having all the stats to make him a good one.

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Okay this just got really bizarre, and it was enjoyable in a rather strange sense. Ted singing? Looks like he is insane after all if he thought that was good. Plus why were the prisoners acting like they were in a haunted house? Gotta admit, getting to punch Duke was awesome. Still, why did Bridget keep winking? God it was creepy, wanted to give her the same treatment as Duke.

Compared to others in the series, this flash was rather boring, since it was just trying to get to the truth, which meant just Bridget talking pretty much the whole time. She still has the creepy wink thing going around, and the flirtation is certainly not working with her. At the end I like how you say that someone is lying, yet note she's a pathological liar. Gee, I wonder who will end up being the liar.

Remembering the issues with these types of games was back in 2000, I'm surprised this one actually survived after all those legal issues. Granted, this one wasn't all that good. Nothing special about the graphics, but more importantly, the gun was a pain to aim. it seemed to hit the teletubbies entirely at random, and it didn't feel like a shooting game in the slightest.

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It's an alright piece of music. 8-bit tracks are naturally going to be on the simple side, but this one was perhaps overly so. The riff in the middle was nice, and gave it a decent feel. At the same time, I'm not really sure what kind of game this would fit in. Maybe an 8-bit horror piece? It's decent, but stretching the boundaries of what FL Studio can do would have made this much better.

I have to agree with the others, it definitely sounds like a lullaby in a music box rather than a closing scene. That doesn't take anything away from it though, for what it is, it's extremely well done. Always impresses me how one can use a single instrument and make it feel like a whole lot more, just with the atmosphere it brings. Great work!

Jabun responds:

Cheers, Wizardman. It was really fun to work on. My house is being redecorated at the moment, so I even went and played it in an empty room without carpet, recorded that, and added the signal back in as ambience to make it sound a little more real. I think it turned out really well :D


It was a little simplistic, but it did catch the spirit of the 80s, so simple would be good in this case. I enjoyed listening to it. The solo was downright amazing, and it was just a great piece. There were a bit of clarity problems, but the two guitars worked together well enough where that was not a problem at all.

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I can see why this is the highest rated artwork. Everything about this is great. The detail in her face and clothing is amazing, and the ambiance of the trees and accessories fits the scene perfectly. This must have taken you ages to get just right.

This is an okay drawing, nothing too special. The purple outlines don't really work, and adding a background for him would have been nice. the mustache is colored wrong as well.; it's black rather than brown. The detail is decent at least, and if it was done just as a quick job then it turned out okay. Pales in comparison to your later work though, you've certainly improved since this.

Waluigi is looking quite creepy in this one. What confuses me about this piece is that it looks like a few different art types mashed together It looks somewhat like pop art, but the nose has a clay look to it, and it doesn't look like it belongs. The face is very well detailed and I like the appearance of it, even though it actually gets more jarring the more you look at it, though perhaps that's a good thing.

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