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It's an alright piece of music. 8-bit tracks are naturally going to be on the simple side, but this one was perhaps overly so. The riff in the middle was nice, and gave it a decent feel. At the same time, I'm not really sure what kind of game this would fit in. Maybe an 8-bit horror piece? It's decent, but stretching the boundaries of what FL Studio can do would have made this much better.

I have to agree with the others, it definitely sounds like a lullaby in a music box rather than a closing scene. That doesn't take anything away from it though, for what it is, it's extremely well done. Always impresses me how one can use a single instrument and make it feel like a whole lot more, just with the atmosphere it brings. Great work!

Jabun responds:

Cheers, Wizardman. It was really fun to work on. My house is being redecorated at the moment, so I even went and played it in an empty room without carpet, recorded that, and added the signal back in as ambience to make it sound a little more real. I think it turned out really well :D


It was a little simplistic, but it did catch the spirit of the 80s, so simple would be good in this case. I enjoyed listening to it. The solo was downright amazing, and it was just a great piece. There were a bit of clarity problems, but the two guitars worked together well enough where that was not a problem at all.

Same as the other one

I'm confused, it's 375kb but it's only 2 seconds, and I actually didn't hear anything. Basically, nothing happened when listening to it. Do I have to downloa it to hear it? Perhaps that should've been made clear in the summary.


I'm confused, it's 325kb but it's only 2 seconds, and I actually didn't hear anything. Is the file messed up? Hopefully they'll let audio submitters view their files again. Maybe it was a result of the new site changes, if so it's unfortunate.

Pretty solid

So, this is the first submission to the audio portal. Not bad. It has a nice feel to it, however the individual notes sound a little "hard", almost like each note's a little forced, and as a result it doesn't flow as well as it could. That's just me though, i could see this as some decent menu music. It does get catchy after a while as well.

Uh... no

Quite simply, the only thing in this song was one note playign for 6 seconds, so there goes the points for effort. It took me several times listenign to realize you were saying "we're british", since it was so quiet in comparison to the note, as well as the fact that it sounded awful. It wasn't really brit pop, and it really wasn't much of anything for that matter. It was a little original, as I don't think anyone else would put a song like that into the portal.

Actually kinda cool

Yeah, it was pretty short and not brit pop (probably belongs in techno or something around there), but it was actually a pretty cool loop, and I'm surprised it has the lowest score in brit pop (might not now that I voted). It was pretty simple, but the music went togehter nicely, even thoiugh it was onyl 1 or 2 instruments the whole time. It wasn't all that original, but it was clear and pretty enjoyable.

Didn't care for it

Well, this audio was pretty much just a simple drum beat that looped after a while. In reality you probably could've looped this after the first couple seconds, since after that the beat pretty much didn't change. This was an extremely simple track that I could probably top with a bit of effort.


This is possibly the best song in the entire audio portal, at least in my opinion. Of course, the instruments were all clear, a lot of different tones were all connecting perfectly, and this is basically the track to look up to when trying to make a song for the audio portal. It really does sound like it would belong perfectly in a video game, even today. It's a song I want to listen to over and over again simply because it's so good. There really is nothing to change on this.

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