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Entry #2

Anyone want their flash reviewed?

2007-09-30 10:05:59 by wizardman

I've decided to get back into the whole "reviewing thing" now that it's ben fixed. So, if anyone who views this wants a review, i could certainly write one up.


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2007-09-30 10:54:36


wizardman responds:

In progress of reviewing all of yours; will pm when done.


2007-09-30 11:12:11

Shoot. Review my "perkele"

wizardman responds:



2007-10-15 14:49:35

Sure, write one for my Pico Sun Parody and sunshine tankmen please. :)


2007-11-14 11:12:08

If you have time, you can review any flashes of mine that you haven't reviewed. Also, how have you been? :)


2008-01-11 11:20:09

Good idea. Both audio/flash? I have quite a few not very reviewed submissions. All are responded to.


2008-02-21 13:50:23

hopefully you'll get more time to review. and Hopefully college isn't weighing you down too much. good luck


2008-02-23 15:42:03

MY audio please, unless you want to witness crappy flashs!

Thanks bud :)


2009-02-06 13:42:07

yay .. ( are you from finland ) & review me >____<


2009-08-16 11:19:38

not my flash, but can you review audio?

I want youto review "Hacsev Jazz" so it will be closer to 100 reviews.


2014-10-19 12:55:36

I noticed your post in the Wi/Ht Level Up lounge and thought I'd come visit your page and ask you to re-think quitting Newgrounds. All this time to get nearly to the top Level and give it away is such a disappointing thought. I should know, I joined 2 months after you. There's no way I could stop now. It would be like losing a child. LOL! Not quite but you see what I mean. If your offer for reviews is still open, you can check out my Audio and review them for me. I reply to all reviews. Cheers gamejunkie.